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Conversations feedback and recognition Mesh
CFRs : Giving OKRs their human voice

Conversations, Feedback, and Recognition (CFRs) are like the powerhouse for OKRs. They provide a context for important discussions around critical […]

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2020 learnings from industry leaders
#2020TaughtMe – 8 Learnings of this year from industry leaders

This year was a difficult one where many companies saw pay-cuts, a drop in employee well-being and the ever looming […]

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manage remote teams
A guide for managing your remote team

Working from home has its perks for sure. You get to avoid to daily commute to work where you may […]

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Benefits of using okrs
How OKRs help companies like Google meet and exceed their goals repeatedly

We’ve all been in the spot where leaders give the daunting task of setting goals for the year to come […]

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