Replace 4 management tools with one daily social network for work

Manage goals

The fastest way to setup goals for everyone in your organisation

Track tasks

The easiest way to drive daily/ weekly progress by goals and projects

Share feedback

The simplest way to make recognition and feedback a habit

Do stand-ups & 1:1s

The healthiest way to run stand-ups and 1:1s, especially remotely


Performance and project management that’s simple and engaging!

Goal & task management that
accelerates execution & impact!

  • Configure company, team and role-based goals centrally
  • Run manager led cascades and break into smaller deliverables
  • Drive bottom up updates and aggregate by parent goals

Social recognition & feedback to nudge development!

  • Socialize progress on goals and celebrate quick wins
  • Drive peer recognition & feedback aligned to core values
  • Automated metric-based recognition for stretch performance


Check-ins & reviews that
save time & remove surprises!

  • Save time in team meetings or add updates asynchronously
  • Transparent data and continuous notes for 1:1s and check-ins
  • Increase self-awareness on outcomes and team feedback

Personal branding that drives
self awareness & inclusion!

  • Drive incremental growth through personalized nudges
  • Discover strengths from feedback and recognition
  • Socialize consistent & stretch performance with leaderboards

In-depth analytics & insights
for HR and business leaders

  • Real time drill down details on goals and behaviors
  • Dashboards and visualizations for year end assessments
  • Insights on ROI of investments in people and culture


Mesh has been instrumental in improving team dynamics at FamPay. Mesh has changed the way our team looks at goals & tasks today. Simple features like 'applause' and the 'leaderboard' have gamified regular workdays.

Kush Taneja
Founder - Fampay

Unlike traditional HRMS based modules for performance and feedback, Mesh helps HR teams focus on strategic action rather than spending most of their time administering the performance process. The data collected is based on employee action and not form filling, which measures the real ROI of HR investments i.e. whether or not the desired change is visible to others!

Rahul Kandhal
HR Business Leader - GSK

I love the social angle to performance management that Mesh provides. Everyone’s contributions and impact get visibility across the team and it not only provides great validation to the individual but also rubs off on other team members.

Ameen Kropha
VP Product - Avenues

Mesh actually helps managers and teams become better at recognizing others more frequently and more effectively. Mesh helps track dynamics like reliability, productivity, etc. in a fun way, which would have been an almost impossible task during times where most of us are working remotely.

Lead HRBP - Deskera

One Mesh over 4 management tools, at less than half the price



< 10 team members

  • Task management module
  • Team check-in module
  • Real-time social feed
  • Employee Leaderboard
  • E-mail based support

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  • All Premium features +
  • OKR/Goal management
  • Core values & behaviors
  • Employee performance summary
  • HRIS integrations
  • Single sign-on (SSO) support
  • Dedicated account manager

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